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Have You Considered an Arkansas Senior Income Plan?

An Arkansas senior income plan is an example of a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage is a loan available to seniors and is used to release the equity in the home as payment, whether in a lump sum or in several payments throughout the year. The obligation to pay the loan is deferred under most plans, ending when the owner dies or the home is sold.

This Arkansas senior income plan is ideal for individuals over the age of 62 who are planning to retire. By exchanging a part of the equity in this Arkansas senior income plan a senior is actually getting tax-free income. No payments are required for your lifespan and you can still maintain the home as your own. What are some other advantages to an Arkansas senior income plan?

First off, you can use the cash from this beneficial Arkansas senior income plan for any purpose, including quick cash, recurring payments of a line of credit. You get to keep the deed to your home and still have the right to sell your home whenever you choose. An Arkansas senior income plan does not affect your Social Security or Medicare benefits, nor will you be required to pass qualifications relating to income, credit or health.

If an excellent Arkansas senior income plan sounds like a great idea, then rest assured it is! There are no hidden technicalities that you should worry about under a quality Arkansas senior income plan. Griffin Financial Mortgage offers an Arkansas senior income plan to all seniors. With an Arkansas senior income plan you can guarantee retirement income, ease the burden of your children, eliminate mortgage payments, and live a stress-free fulfilling life! For more information on an Arkansas senior income plan that’s right for you visit